Zapstreak, the SDK that enables developers to create an Airplay-like experience on Android, comes out of beta and launches globally

29 November — After spending six months in beta, Zapstreak; the Polish startup with a mobile SDK for media app developers, today announces its global launch. When embedded within a media app Zapstreak’s technology creates an Airplay experience where users can beam music, videos or images to a connected TV, without the need for any additional hardware.

August 2012

  1. Aug 08

    Stats & infographic - Zapstreak: video tops Android to connected TV beaming

    Today Zapstreak, the mobile SDK for Android app developers, is able to lift the lid on some interesting data that has been collected via Shortbeam, the company’s showcase app launched on Google Play in March this year, highlighting the trend of pushing content from Android devices to connected TVs.

May 2012

  1. May 08

    Zapstreak in the media

    Recent press coverage / Zapstreak in the news

April 2012

  1. Apr 26

    Zapstreak SDK, launched at TNW Conference 2012, creates Airplay experience on Android without need for ANY hardware

    With Zapstreak’s technology embedded within a media app, Android app devs can enable user’s to push music streams, videos or images to a connected TV, adding a completely new dimension to the viewing experience at home.